a lazy sunday morning

We missed mass this Sunday. Missed meaning I was too tired to get up in time to get everyone ready for church. And I wanted to have pancakes with my kids and generally have a lazy morning – we don’t get nearly enough of those. But I did find myself missing it. I didn’t miss the service per se; I missed the place, the church. Feeling the quiet calmness of sitting in the pew and reflecting. So I decided to take the opportunity to show my kids that you can pray at any time. The religious experience is not limited to Sunday morning.

When I travel I stop in churches at different times in whatever city I’m in and always enjoy the experience. It’s typically dark, cool, quite and serene. I pray and spend about 15 minutes there then move on with a feeling of calm. So this Sunday, the 30th of December at about 1/2 past noon, we piled in the car and started driving toward our regular church. As we saw several other churches on the way I thought, why not stop here and show them a different perspective? Give them some exposure to other religious places.

First we stopped at an Episcopalian church. It was locked up tight, odd, but we moved on. Next we came to a Disciples of Christ church. I was excited about this because I was baptized as a Disciple of Christ and this would be a way to share some of my Protestant history with my kids. We arrived apparently at the very end of the service. As we entered the Church (barely a foot over the threshold) I was approached by an older woman who politely but firmly informed us that the service was over, they were locking up and please come back next week.

More than a little disappointed we continued on to our regular Catholic church that had the doors wide open – people coming and going – almost too busy. But nonetheless, it was nice to go in, sit anywhere and kneel and pray. I talked to the kids about what they were thankful for and who they felt might need a little extra strength that we should pray for. I believe strength is the only thing that’s really worth praying for by the way. After about 10 minutes and my son saying “are you done yet mom”? We left for Target.


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