quaker anyone?

So I took the Belief-o-matic test. I was very curious to see what religion matched most closely to my beliefs. I had my guesses but was way off. I was surprised when the answer came back Liberal Quaker. I didn’t know anything about Quakers and had never considered that religion for myself. I was even more surprised when my boyfriend, mom and sister in law (all of whom have different religious philosophies and affiliations) also came up as some form of Quaker. Makes me a tad bit suspicious, but oh well, I’m going to run with it. Mainly because I’m curious. I’m in a mode of discovery I may as well turn over this rock. Right? Plus it just sounds cool!

It was also more than a little ironic that Roman Catholic was my second to last religion (with less than 25% matching) and this is the church I’m attending. Is it any wonder I’m confused!? Other high ranking ones for me were Universal Unitarians and Reformed Judaism. Upon reading up on Unitarians I’ve decided it’s not for me. The Reformed Judaism intrigues me, but my impression is that it would be a difficult path to conversion. And let’s face it I am basically lazy! Interesting though that my impression of Judaism is lots of rules, complexity and a group that would never accept me as a Jew. For those reasons alone I should look into that more. But first, the Quakers.

Coincidentally, once I got the Quaker bug I found out that the largest Meeting House in my home town is mere blocks from where I live and I never knew it. I’ve also met more Quakers in the last few weeks than ever in my life. (Ok, it’s only two, but that’s two more than I ever remember meeting). So I’ve done some reading up on what it means to be Quaker, what they believe, the Liberal Quakers in particular. Sounds like something I could be very interested in. And if you are read this.

So the next step is to go to one of the Sunday morning meetings. These meetings are what are called “unprogrammed”. That means that there is no clergy or leader that takes you though a sermon. It’s anyone speaking on anything that moves them. And if nothing moves them everyone sits in silence. I’m eager to see this for myself. I can’t even imagine what it will be like. It’s so much more in my nature to sit and learn from others that this will be a challenging (in a positive sense) experience for me.


2 thoughts on “quaker anyone?

  1. Tania says:

    Oh my gosh. I found Quakerism via that quiz as well. I’ve since joined my Meeting (as of 3 months ago now) and am very, very happy I’ve finally found my spiritual home.

  2. jindowaygook says:

    You know, I think that site is responsible for a huge number of newly “convinced friends”.

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