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I recently ran across this blog: blogging the bible: What’s really in the Good Book from David Plotz decided to read the bible and blog his findings. The concept was fascinating to me, yet so simple. One of those “why didn’t I think of that!” moments.

I’m not even through Genesis yet and I’m hooked. The entries are funny and enlightening. It probably won’t sit well with the traditional bible readers. Of which, I am certainly not one. I associate reading the Bible with the dreaded Bible-thumpers, those who are not interested in my opinions, but just want to preach to me and convert me to their way of thinking. A very judgmental view I can see now. Mr. Plotz is not afraid to admit his own ignorance. He asks questions (for which there are plenty of responses in the comments section!)

I was impressed with David’s undertaking. The bible is a daunting book. My dad gave me one when I was nine. Always the avid reader, I cracked it open. I don’t think I made it past the third begat. And I’ve never picked it up since. This is too bad really. As I read David’s blog on the Bible it becomes more and more something I want to experience for myself. After all, this is the whole reason Martin Luther had the Bible translated into German – so that the common folks could read it.

One of the things that Mr. Plotz is most amazed with (at least so far, he’s not done yet) is the presence of really horrid events that take place in the Bible. It made me realize how much I’ve assumed about the Bible and how far I really have to go to come to terms with it. It’s a book, or set of books, that no on wholly understands. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many other books written about it and people wouldn’t gather in living rooms to continually discuss it! Anyone (including myself) who wants to journey to a better understanding of religion or God has to read and struggle with these words for themselves.


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