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don’t read this if you’re an amputee

Not something I’ve had the time to read in depth (and not sure I want to). But definitely looks like it will raise my blood pressure. Another group worried about proving that God does not exist. Just as flawed as those who believe they can prove God does exist.

If either one were that easy folks, it would have been done by now….


from the press

From Scientific

Scientist to creationists: Don’t quote me

Former chemistry professor Homer Jacobson has requested that two passages be retracted from a 1955 paper he wrote on the origins of life after discovering that creationists were using them to support their arguments. The 84-year-old scientist told the New York Times that he made the discovery when, on a whim, he decided to Google himself and quotes from his paper popped up on creationist sites such as and To bolster their case, the sites zeroed in on his statements that amino acids couldn’t form spontaneously without energy—Jacobson says today that he failed to mention that energy sources most surely existed billions of years ago—and that life could arise only under very specific conditions, which he now calls “a dumb mistake.” His retraction request appears in the November / December issue of American Scientist, which published the original paper.

(NYTimes; American Scientist)

speaking of faith

Just wanted to share this great program I recently discovered: Speaking of Faith on NPR.

Hosted by Krista Tippett, the public radio program is heard weekly on radio stations around the country, bringing a wide range of intelligent religious ideas and voices into American life.

I get a regular email from the program as well, which is wonderful. You can reach the main site for the program here:


global religion overview in 90 seconds…too cool

An oversimplification? Yes
Totally cool tool? Definitely

This is totally the kind of thing I love – needs to be paired with knowledge of course (what doesn’t??) but for only 90 seconds – I don’t know anyone who could impart more knowledge in such a short period of time. Enjoy.

my 15 minutes…

My Page

This was such a fantastic experience. I still can’t believe I got to do it! It’s certainly taught me the power of perseverance – only 2 years after writing the article and giving up completely on it’s being published. I think my favorite part was having my own kids ask me when I would take them on a trip like that 🙂