I’m continually amazed at the ignorance of otherwise smart people when it comes to religion. I have heard from adults I know that they didn’t realize Jews don’t worship Jesus or that religious groups other than Baptists were baptized. Really! It shocked me. But, as I constantly remind myself, it shouldn’t be. Unless you have a particular interest in religion, why bother finding out, right?

Education systems don’t treat it as something you really need to know about. Religious schools don’t give equal time or any time to anything but their own brand typically. Religious institutions, of course, are there to talk to the converted, but if your brand of spirituality doesn’t encourage, or actively discourages asking questions then it’s likely you won’t. It’s disheartening to me and should be embarrassing to those who are so in the dark about basic religious differences.

People who are not religious or have rejected religion can be equally ignorant. I used to think they must be knowledgeable because they made a decision to opt-out based on weighing the options. Not so much.

It really doesn’t matter why people don’t know the basics about religions; all that matters is that when they don’t, they appear ignorant and close-minded. If you fall into this category, get educated! Please! It’s like learning a new language: it won’t be easy, but a little effort goes a LONG way.


2 thoughts on “ignorance

  1. truth says:

    You’ve made so many valid points about “ignorance”… But it isn’t the fault of the people, for can they be blamed simply for not knowing? for not being taught to seek knowledge/understanding in the face of adversity?
    I was once like every other misinformed person out there, until i learned about one religion, which led me to know more about other religions.

  2. Jodi says:

    you’re right, it’s not there fault. And I too counted myself in the ignorant category for some time. Religion was so daunting to me I wouldn’t even talk about it. It was one of those “conquer your fears” moments when I just decided to know more. And that’s what I hope people do, and I hope it leads them to a personally awesome level of understanding.

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