the spirituality spot

Fascinating article on the site about a spirituality “spot” in the brain.

The area in question — the right parietal lobe — is responsible for defining “Me,” said researcher Brick Johnstone of Missouri University. It generates self-criticism, he said, and guides us through physical and social terrains by constantly updating our self-knowledge: my hand, my cocktail, my witty conversation skills, my new love interest …

People with less active Me-Definers are more likely to lead spiritual lives, reports the study in the current issue of the journal Zygon.

VERY interesting and worth reading the whole, short article.

In conjunction with this, I’ve also been reading about the link between spirituality and niceness. Crunchy Con had a piece on it as well as The New York Times.

Hmmm, wonder if the two are related? Makes one question how much free will is involved in our spiritual choices, are we really hardwired to lean one way or another, what about people who make total conversions, did thier brains change? Fascinating stuff!


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