more and less

I’ve been reading lots of new years resolutions on blogs since Jan 1. I’m a big believer in writing down what you want to achieve as a way to help visualize and move toward your goals. As I look through past years resolutions I’ve been astounded how many have come to fruition, without even consciously thinking about them. So, in the spirit of expressing my goals on “paper”, here’s my list of what I will do more of and much less of in 2009 and beyond as well as a few actual accomplishments…

1. Write more
2. Smile more
3. Exercise more
4. Go to more Quaker meetings
5. Reflect on God more

1. Smoke less (a LOT less)
2. Eat less carbs (I know it should be “fewer”, sacrificing grammar for consistency)
3. Yell less aka control frustration better
4. Slouch less

1. Get my children’s book published
2. Find the perfect house for my family
3. Get certified as a genealogist

Interesting that there’s nothing about my job on this list – it’s such a small part of my emotional life…yet such a big part of my actual time. So, one more resolution is needed.
4. Find a way to earn a living doing something that is emotionally satisfying

I also want to learn Spanish but that may have to be a wait-and-see resolution. I’ll be a bit busy 😉

Happy ’09!


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