a good start

I’m definitely at an impasse, a fork in the road, or maybe just a dead-end. Time to switch gears. When in doubt I go back to my vision – I do find them so enlightening! So back to the cave. I’m standing in front of the empty black mouth of the cave wondering, do I go in after the screaming? No, time to move past that for sure. I didn’t like the violent end really, not fitting for a really positive part of the journey. But the journey’s not done of course, it never really is. So what is it I’m leaving behind in the cave?

Me. I need to be more outer focused. Looking around from the cave, it’s very flat, desert like with a dirt path leading away from the cave. Makes me wonder how I got here in the first place. But nothing to do now but walk back. On the dirt road. To wherever it goes.

I think I’ll be on it for some time, but you know, at least I’m at the top of that staircase! That I know for sure. Maybe that’s what I left in the cave, the darkness of the staircase, the uncertainty of who I was then, the fear of reaching the top or of not being able to reach the top.

As I walk down the dirt path, I breathe deeply and smile. Taking in nothing and everything. It’s calm and quiet. It’s a good start to….something. Something very positive.


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