football with the angels

My son found his 2nd grade composition book in his room last night and brought it to me to read. I love the stuff that kids write about. Here are my 2 favorite (original misspellings included!):

Once I dreamed the world was a ball and god played kickball with the angeles. And the world was a football to and god played in the super ball and won, we got so diseye [dizzy] we almost died excpet he said sorry. The End.

You know what, for all we know, this is actually what happens. Hey, at least he said “sorry”!

And of course, you gotta love when they write about mom!

Dear Mom,
Thankyou for being so nice. I think you’re the best because you let me do lots of fun things and you and me both have fun whenever and wherever we go even sence we havent seen each other in two full days or three. I hope you will never cange your very nice ways and keep up the nice love and work you are doing for me. I love you.

For a letter like that, God can make me as dizzy as he wants.


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