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Today, no matter what day it is, is all I can focus on right now. There’s a lot of wonderful stuff going on in my life, but it’s all happening at once (of course!) and so I’m just trying to live moment by moment.

Last week, my fiancé and I bought a new house. Our first house together, a great start to a new life. Plus the kids love it!

Yesterday, I put my current house on the market. I sat and reflected last night what a wonderful house that has been for me for the past 4 years. How much it did for my self esteem at the end of a failed marriage. Buying a place of my own and recreating my life was made more wonderful by this little home.

Today and tomorrow I’m participating as a blogger in the Healthy Kids, Healthy Schools summit here in Houston. It’s an honor to be a part of such a great cause and to help bring attention to a much needed topic – our kids health.

Next Saturday, I’ll get married. This of course has been top of mind for some time and I’m still a little dazed that it’s happening next week! I can’t wait to see all our friends and family coming from all over. I don’t even know how to articulate how excited I feel and how much anticipation I have.

Post “honeytrip” we get to pack and move into the new house! I’ve already started the packing of course but I think once we move we’ll finally feel somewhat “settled” into this new exciting life! My personal evolution.


religion in a public school – excellent!!

This NPR story discusses a great start in one California school to teaching kids about different religion. I hope it catches on elsewhere.

Modesto, California’s school district is the only place in the country where students are required to take a course on religion. To avoid conflict and controversy, school officials worked together with religious leaders in their community to come up with a broad-based curriculum that everyone signed off on. The results are being watched by education experts around the country.

Link to audio

be warned: judgmental, ranting post

Appalled by two things right now:

1) the doctor irresponsible enough to give a woman with 6 children infertility treatments allowing her to have 8 more children! And the woman herself of course… I mean come on, this is ridiculous!

2) The ad I just saw during the superbowl. Show’s a woman having dinner with a horrible, self-centered man. Voice over says “imagine being on the worst blind date ever, and it lasting the rest of your life.” Then the man stands up, says “Happy anniversary” and leaves, the woman looks forlorn then glances around and winks at another man. The URL (that I had to look up due to curiosity killing me) led to a site all about how to have a discrete affair. So for the incredibly weak minded who marry idiots, stay married to idiots, then think it’s okay to have an affair because they feel sorry for themselves…go for it. I’m disgusted beyond belief.

One of those times I desperately hope there is a God, and one who will be all “WTF” when these people get to the pearly gates, and kick them back where they belong.