be warned: judgmental, ranting post

Appalled by two things right now:

1) the doctor irresponsible enough to give a woman with 6 children infertility treatments allowing her to have 8 more children! And the woman herself of course… I mean come on, this is ridiculous!

2) The ad I just saw during the superbowl. Show’s a woman having dinner with a horrible, self-centered man. Voice over says “imagine being on the worst blind date ever, and it lasting the rest of your life.” Then the man stands up, says “Happy anniversary” and leaves, the woman looks forlorn then glances around and winks at another man. The URL (that I had to look up due to curiosity killing me) led to a site all about how to have a discrete affair. So for the incredibly weak minded who marry idiots, stay married to idiots, then think it’s okay to have an affair because they feel sorry for themselves…go for it. I’m disgusted beyond belief.

One of those times I desperately hope there is a God, and one who will be all “WTF” when these people get to the pearly gates, and kick them back where they belong.


One thought on “be warned: judgmental, ranting post

  1. Songbird says:

    I have a short list of people and offenses that make me wish I *really* believed in a fiery hell, so I totally get this.

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