looking for miracles

Ok, maybe miracles is a strong word. Let’s call them “signs”. How often do you feel you get a sign from God (or any higher power of your choosing)? Or is everything just chalked up to coincidence? That’s typically my reaction. But really, it’s much more fun to see a hidden agenda! Like this great post from Conversion Diary.

Of course, you have to look for these signs to “see” them. You have to be open to them in other words. Just like spirituality, why try it if you’re not open to the possibility of a God(s). And don’t put people down who do believe if you’ve never truly tried it yourself.

I’m going to spend a week paying attention to small, seemingly insignificant things that happen in my life to try and discern “signs”. Why? Because I want to see if it changes my perspective at all. If being more aware and more present help me feel happier, nicer, you name it. Of course, I may not “see” anything at all, which would be a whole different issue.


2 thoughts on “looking for miracles

  1. Matt Bennett says:

    Any signs yet? 😉

  2. Jodi says:

    Thanks for asking…no, none, zip. Probably because I get too distracted and forget to pay attention. I’m doubling down on my efforts! (That’s my kind of doubling down, not yours 😉

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