stand up for yourself

Yesterday, I went to the book signing of Robyn O’Brien’s The Unhealthy Truth. I hope everyone has a chance to read the book and learn some very important things about our food supply. Robyn’s message about food safety and our health is very important, but as I sat in the room listening to other mom’s and dad’s ask questions about how to find out more, what they could do, feeling overwhelmed and helpless I realized that Robyn’s message and example was much broader.

It all boils down to caring enough to ask questions. Since when did we start blindly trusting others to do the thinking for us? If the government says it’s okay it must be! If it’s in an American newspaper it must be true! People are shocked and dismayed at the level of betrayal we see around us, but we’ve ultimately allowed it to happen. We should ALWAYS be questioning the why, the how, the who. Maybe we have a moral duty to do so maybe not, but we sure can’t complain about someone pulling the wool over our eyes if we stood silently by while they did it.

And it’s not that I expect we’ll find a conspiracy every time we ask a question. But by being the kind of people who ask, analyze and act, we can start to demand a level of truth that maybe wasn’t there before. Just because you’re not a scientist or economist doesn’t mean you don’t understand. It’s not rocket science folks, it’s just basic information. Demand it!

(See Robyn’s other work with AllergyKids – linked on the side bar)


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