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Betty TamBetty Bash

To my wonderful Nana, these pictures show how beautiful she was on the outside but nothing can capture her true beauty, her strong and loving heart. She will be deeply missed and always remembered.

We love you Nana



how long can that mother/child bonding period REALLY take anyway?

I heard two back-to-back stories on the radio this morning, that taken separately are interesting but because they were neck ‘n neck, really got me thinking…

I’ll start with the second report. It was on the always contentious abortion debate highlighting anti-abortion protestors and their tactics. One MA woman took a very personal approach and tried to counsel women as they entered the abortion clinics not to get an abortion. Her approach sounded like one of concern and love rather than hate, but her goal was clear – get woman to keep baby! The opposite end of the spectrum was the extreme anti-abortion camp (you can’t really call them “pro-life” based on their views) who advocated the killing of abortion doctors and felt that anyone who did was a hero.

Now, the report that aired right before that was about congress debating whether or not to grant federal employees 4 weeks of paid time off after the birth of a child. What?! They don’t get this already? Admittedly I’m used to the corporate world where 6 weeks paid time off (short term disability it’s called) is the norm. Sure you can 12 weeks if you want, but don’t expect a paycheck. Ok, appalling enough that some people get no paid time off. But what really got me was that people were actually arguing against it! Yes, one real bright spot from a Texas Republican who said sarcastically “Why don’t we just give them 16 years off!”.

Are you kidding me?! The amount of time a mother is allowed off in this country is already shockingly low. We’re really going to argue against government employees having the ability to take 4 paid weeks off to be with their new born? Is it any wonder some people often consider abortion thier only option?? Lawmakers, and Republicans in particular, need to be very aware of the double message they are sending.

If you want to be even more appalled read these comments from