About Me

I’m the daughter of a minister. As a matter of fact, on my father’s side of the family, almost every other male for generations back is a minister. You’d think I would have a good grounding in at least the religious philosophy that my family has been in for years. But no. Somehow I missed that religious tutelage that would bring me closer to God. There are many and varied reasons for this that we don’t need to go into here. Suffice it to say that I was in my mid-thirties before I truly felt that I had a connection with and a desire to further seek out God.

Everyone has a different path to or away from God and I’m not sure half of us are even looking to go in any particular direction. If you are looking, this site is a collection of essays on my personal thoughts on the jagged path to a spirituality I’m still working on. I’ve also included comments on religious books, websites, organizations, etc. that have shaped where I am and that you may find assistance from as well. I would encourage anyone to comment, agree, disagree, love or loath as you feel is appropriate.

– Jodi

Other Stuff
I was born, raised and have lived most of my life in Houston, Texas. Mother of 3 awesome kids and addicted to learning. Profession: TBD. Passions: History, Religion, Genealogy, Family. Read: Non-fiction (a non-fiction bigot is my husband’s term for it) but I do enjoy science fiction and of course religion – if there’s a difference ;).


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. John Holden says:

    Having read your blog, I think you might be interested in a new book entitled, Journey to Enlightenment. As you know, there are a great many spiritual books on the market, but every once in a while a truly exceptional one comes along that stands head and shoulders above the rest. Journey to Enlightenment is such a book. The author, Ross Bishop, is a shaman, and the power of his understanding of the human condition is awesome. His explanations are deceptively simple and yet incredibly profound. This is his third book. You can read more of Ross’ writings on his web site: http://www.rossbishop.com.

    We’re not a publisher with a large promotional budget, but we think this book is important enough to write and ask for your support in getting the word out. If you’ll sned you email I can send you a short blurb about Journey to Enlightenment. Then if you are interested in reading more, I would be pleased to either send you an electronic copy next week or a review copy in about a month.

    Please let me know,

    John Holden

  2. I fully agree with John.

    In Journey to Enlightenment, Shaman Ross Bishop reminds us that we are here (in this physical world) for a reason, and that reason is to further develop our spiritual awareness and growth. Along our path, journeys, we all need/have teachers who enhance our spirituality…Bishop is such a teacher and Journey to Enlightenment is the tool. Through this book, you’ll learn to face and release the deeper issues that are holding you back, allowing you to free yourself and move forward on your path. If you’re willing to do the work and face the issues, the benefits from doing so will be evident. As with all of Bishop’s books, he touches (and teaches) his readers through easy to relate to metaphors, real life examples, and most of all – compassion. I’m already looking forward to his next book.


  3. Karen Brand says:

    I’ll chime in with the others to agree that Ross Bishop’s new book is a life-changer.

    I’ve been searching for most of my life for a way to heal the abuse and neglect I experienced as a child, and it’s through Ross’ work that I’m finally getting “it” and healing. I’ve been lucky enough to attend his workshops in the Baltimore, MD area for the past few years, and the changes that I see in myself and other group members is truly amazing and profound.

    Ross has great articles on his website, http://www.rossbishop.com, and I would urge anyone to take a look to see if anything speaks to you.


  4. Kim McAndrews says:

    Hi Jodi,

    We wanted to share with you an opportunity for you to work with the National Dairy Council (NDC) in your area. We received your name from Karen Walrond, who thought you would be a great fit for this opportunity. In February (2/20-21), NDC and the Houston Independent School District (HISD) will be hosting a Summit with the goal of ideating solutions to improve the health and wellness of children in Houston by improving nutrition and fitness in schools. NDC and HISD will be inviting individuals representing various sectors of the Houston community to participate in the Summit, including health professionals, school nutrition professionals, local businesses, members of the community, children and parents.

    Given your passion for your two kids and proximity to the Summit, we would love to have you attend too (we love that you are “addicted to learning”)! If you have time this week or early next, We’d like to set up a time with you to talk more about the Summit, your interest and availability in attending and blogging, and other bloggers, like you, who might be interested in participating. Let me know if you have time this week to chat with me and a few members of our team.

    Let me know if you have any questions, and we look forward to talking to you soon.



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